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Tri Recs Tools 8823753A EZ#3

Easily make triangles within squares and divided rectangles using the EZ Quilting Tri-recs Triangle Rulers. The cut-off magic-angle of this tool makes it easy to align and sew accurately. It includes a 6 x 6.75 x 6.75-inch triangle with a 0.25-inch built-in seam allowance and a 6.5 x 3 x 6-inch rectangle with a 0.25-inch built-in seam allowance. Use this tool to cut triangles of many sizes and divided rectangles from even-sized strips of fabric.

  • Brand: EZ Quilting
  • Includes two rulers
  • Dimensions: 6 x 6.75 x 6.75 inches (Triangle) & 6.5 x 3 x 6 inches (Rectangle)
  • Size: 0.25 inch (Seam Allowance)
  • Content: Acrylic
  • Designer: Joy Hoffman & Darlene Zimmerman
  • Made in USA